Friday, September 30, 2011

Halloween Exchange for Julianne

Julianne and I are doing a private Halloween exchange.  We've been blogging friends for a few years now.  Since we both like Prairie Schooler, I decided stitch one of their designs.  I had so much fun stitching the cat, I decided to stitch another.  I took the liberty of adding some Halloween effects to my photo.  I just love that cat.  The reason I chose to stitch it is because of the teeth.  They reminded me of my cat Tobie, just before he decides to bite me.  Julianne let me know she received the exchange yesterday and is using it as a scissor fob. I wanted to use a beaded edging, but the beads just wouldn't cooperate.  The edging looked terrible, so I went with the plain whipstitch.  Julieanne said she loved the piece.  I'm glad cause I sure had a fun time stitching it!

I should never clean.  I have some very, very purple linen somewhere.  I was going to stitch up DaffyCat's little black cat on it, but can't find the piece anywhere.  I'll just have to choose something else to stitch.  I can't spend lots of time searching for it, because I have to get my trip stuff together.  Maybe it will turn up after the trip.  So, I have to decide on some other small project to take on the bus with me. Speaking of the trip, I guess I'd better get packing.  We leave Sunday morn and nary a thing do I have in a suitcase!

Have a great weekend.  My traveling friend, Diane and I are going to the Grayson Gumbo festival tomorrow.  We had a great time last year, so we're gonna do it again.  Now what was it I said about packing?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Noel designer

I found out the name of the designer of  my last exchange piece. Her name is Sandy, she lives in log cabin in Montana.  Thanks to DebbieSFL for providing me with the  name.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Latest Exchange Piece

I put this piece in the mail this afternoon.  The design is a freebie, from a blog I read.  Unfortunately, I forgot to note the name of the blog on my copied pattern.  When I tried to google the URL printed on my copy I got an error.  So, I would love to give the designer credit, I just can't find the blog.  This is the third piece I have stitched from this design.  Yes, I really like it. If you happen to know who the designer is so I can properly give credit.  I just hope my partner likes it.

I have another exchange piece finished in the mail, but I cannot  post it, because I know she reads my blog.  I want it to be a surprise.  As soon as she lets me know she's received it, I'll post the photo.

Just six more days till the Chicago bus trip.  I'm really looking forward to it.  It won't be my first time to Chicago, but it will be my first tour.  There are so many things to see there.  One of the stops is the Shedd Aquarium, which I am looking forward to.  We're also stopping at the Art Institute of Chicago.  There is supposed to be a textiles exhibit there.  Hope I can find it.

The sty I live in finally got to me, so for the past month there's been sacks and sacks of treasures leaving via my friend Diane.  Now believe me, if you came to my house, you'd look around and wonder what I had done.  Just trust me, a small noticeable dent has been made.  I even made a cautious entry into my stitching/junk room.  Don't believe I will have it in order by trip time, but at least Lynn won't trip over anything when she goes in to take care of my Tobiecat.  Speaking of my stitching, I'm sure there will be lots that I want to get rid of, so I can tell a give-a-way is in the offing.

Time to put this weary body of mine to bed.  Enjoy your Tuesday.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

HoE Fall Pyn Keepe from Riona

 I received this wonderful pyn keepe from Riona as part of a HoE exchange.  I love the braid she used to finish it off because there are sparkles in it.  She posted on HoE that life had really gotten in the way of this exchange piece and I believe it.  Not only did she not include a card in the package, her return address gave me no hint as to who she was!  I have forgotten to include a card before, so I know how it can happen.

On the stitching front I am working on a private Halloween exchange piece for a friend I met through exchanging.  The piece is coming along nicely.  I'm also continuing to stitch on my BBD WIP and my Prairie Schooler piece.  I've pulled the threads and cut the fabric for three more projects, two exchanges and a gift. 

October 2nd, I leave on a bus trip for Chicago.  It's been a while since the last trip, so I am getting excited.  I hope the weather cooperates with us while we are up there.

Guess I'd better get myself in gear for today.  Hope everyone enjoys their day.

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