Friday, November 30, 2007

USEBB ornament exchange received by Vonna

Greetings one and all. It is good to be back on line. The computer is all fixed and running so much better. Vonna has received her exchange, so I can post the photos now. Check out Vonna's blog to see the complete exchange package. I just love the tree I did for her. It is one my favorite designs, so much so I've stitching it several times.

When you have no computer, you tend to do constructive activities. I finished my little tipsy trees into ornaments using a very simple whipstitch and small cording. Aren't they just the cutest? I'm going to have to do a couple more of this design. One of the humane society ornaments was finished also. Haven't decided just what kind of hanger I'm going to use on them.
Tomorrow will be busy at the Humane Society. We have a spay/neuter clinic scheduled. There's about 40 animals to have surgery both days. The majority are cats this time. Keep your fingers crossed for us that all goes smoothly.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Good news and bad news

First, I received my Needle & Thread exchange from Kathy today. Wow, what fun. She sent a fantastic JBW design made into a Christmas pillow. Included in the exchange was some green and red floss, a spool of Christmas ribbon, and some yummy Butterfinger midgets. I absolutely love it. It made my day, as last night my computer went pfftt. I'm afraid it's the hard drive. Luckily my parents live in the same town so I can use their computer to check e-mail and do my blogging.

Tonight I will put the finishing touches on my USEBB ornament exchange. I'm just one day behind on my schedule. Part of it is drying at my place as I do my blogging.

Hope everyone had a great Monday.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

One exchange sent and received

Kathy notified me that she received her N&T Christmas ornament exchange. She assured me she loved everything. She has a collection of 50-60 nutcrackers and mine is her first stitched! What a treat for me to give her one.
On another note, Friday at the Humane Society was a great day. We adopted five dogs. Three of them went to the state of Illinois. I highly recommend the website as a source for find any type dog or cat you want to adopt.
My sister did really like her name ornament. The men in my family had a fun giving me a hard time about seeing the name. The two brothers-in-law said the only "name" they could see was my initials and the date stitched! Now my sister wants me to do one for her husband so they have matching ornaments on the tree.
I have one more exchange for the USEBB to get in the mail. I'll put the finishing touches on it today and get it ready to take to the post office tomorrow. Then, I have a few ornaments to finish for friends. Have a wonderful Sunday.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Birthday Ornament finished

Good Wednesday to you. I finished my sister's M Designs tree into an ornament. Here it is hot off the pressing table. I think it turned out very pretty. As always, I'm just a little off center with my trim. Hopefully, hanging on her tree amongst the other ornaments it won't be too noticeable. To the untrained, stitcher's eyes, maybe the viewers will concentrate on the name and not the trim.

It was a good day at the Humane Society. We adopted one cat and one dog, and placed one in foster care. Mimi, the foster dog, was scheduled to be euthanized TODAY.

My N&T Christmas ornament exchange was mailed today also. I hope it arrives safely to it's destination.

I added to my stash today also. Received my order from Down Sunshine Lane. I ordered each of the CC/LHN seasonal samplers. I can't wait to start on them.

Enjoy tomorrow.

Exchange Finished

My N&T Ornament exchange is all boxed and ready to go to the post office this morning. I tried a new cording I've seen BeckySC and others use to finish pinkeeps. The ornament looks really good except for the off center a bit. I cannot seem to accomplish perfectly centered...but then I'm not either! I will post photos as soon as ????? lets me know she has received it.

Speaking of photos, I forgot to take one, so had to unwrap the ornament to get one.

Last night I worked on putting my little Tipsy Trees together. My goodness, they are tiny but going to be soo cute when completed. I'm just going to whipstitch the sides and use a purchased ribbon for the hanger.

My Tobie is persistently requesting to go outside for a while. Unfortunately for him, and me, my lawn was treated for weeds this week. He will have to stay in one more day. We are supposed to have some rain today. If it does rain, then he will be able to go outside.

Hope everyone has an absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving or wonderful Thursday. Happy stitching.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Checking In

No stitching to show. I'm still working on exchanges and the mailing deadlines are getting close. Today I stitched on my N&T exchange. It is coming along nicely. It better be since I have to mail it next week. I think I can get the stitching done tonight, and the finishing done tomorrow and into the mail Monday or Tuesday. One never knows though, especially when I'm the one doing the stitching!

We had a slow week at the Humane Society. Our computer was in the repair shop a couple of days, one or two adoptions as I remember. Every adoption counts though, which means a life saved.

Hope everyone has a restful and productive stitching weekend.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

A little birthday boy

Yesterday my parents and I traveled to Oklahoma City to attend the second birthday party of my great nephew. So, no stitching to speak of, but here's a photo of the cutie. He's all boy.

I am stitching on two exchange pieces though, so you can see why no photos to share. Have a great stitching week!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

A first for me

No stitching to show tonight because I am working on exchange pieces. I do have a some news to share though.

Today at the shelter I gave my first shots to two kittens. It didn't bother me too much, except when one of them meowed a little loud. He was okay though. You have to start somewhere. I'm not ready to tackle doing the puppies yet, but I can do kittens.

Just back from Weight Watchers. Whee, I had a terrible week. So much so, that I gained five, count them, five pounds. So, you know, I was bad, bad, bad. I start again tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a good stitching day. I was up super early, around 3:30 a.m. Once I got some coffee made, I settled into stitching and made pretty good progress. I like to stitch first thing in the morning when my eyes aren't so tired. Later...

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Kreinik Custom Corder

I posted a comment to Marie P's blog on how I use the KCC. She e-mailed and said I should post how I use it on my blog. So, here goes...
I have a stand my dad made for me. It was supposed to be the form for a Christmas tree, but I never got around to making it. I decided to use it for my needlework instead. It's about four feet tall. He made it out of a 1-1/2 by 3-1/2 piece of wood. With a brace at the bottom.
I then place my magnetic hook on my refrigerator to hold my strands of floss used to make the cord.
I make a knot in each end of the strands of floss. I loop one end onto the refrigerator hook and the other end onto the KCC hook.

Then I use the KCC to wind the floss for my first strand of cording and attach it to the first nail on the stand

I don't normally do more than a three colored cord, so I only need three nails.

I wind the floss toward me when making the individual colored strands. Then when I'm ready to put the cord together, I hook the three individual cords on to the KCC and wind the floss away from me. I take the three knotted strands off the hook and make one big knot. Then while holding on to the big knot, I take the three looped ends off the hook, and make another knot. Then I drop one end. The cord does not come unwound. Trust me, it works. That's how I do all my cording.
I hope this gives you this an idea of how I use the KCC. Sorry for the cluttered look. I did well to get all the photos posted!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Even more tipsy

The tipsy tree has captured my stitching heart. I've done four so far. Sorry about the quality of the photo, I was too lazy to iron them. The pieces will be turned into tree ornaments for friends. I need to decide on the backs and then stitch them up. I do all my stitching by hand, so it will probably be an easy design.

I have decided on the design I'm going to stitch for the USEBB Christmas Ornament exchange. I've done the design and one similar to it several times. Like the Tipsy Tree, this design has a place in my heart also. All I need to do is pull the threads and decide which fabric I'm going to use. Most likely the fabric will be Cashel since I really like to stitch on it. I'll see.

The open house at the Humane Society went well. The day was beautiful. We adopted two little pups. We had hoped to adopt more, but the lookers has something very specific in mind. We just didn't have the dogs this time. Maybe next. I do not understand people. Someone dropped off three little kittens without telling us. They just left them to fend for themselves. They are now in the shelter. We also have four, count them, four black cats. We don't adopt them out at this time of year.

Thanks for stopping by. Happy stitching to each of you.

Friday, November 2, 2007

A little tipsy and a puppy

It has been a good stitching week for me. Two, count them, two completed designs. That is very good for me, because as I've said many times, I am a very slow stitcher.

I absolutely fell in love with the Charland Designs Tipsy Tree when I perused the JCS Ornament issue. Since funky trees are a favorite of my, I knew I would be stitching it. The fabric is a piece of scrap left over from another project. I wanted to see how it stitched up. So, this little one is mine, all mine. I will be doing more for some friends trees.

The Britty Christmas puppy is one of the ornaments for a Humane Society volunteer who prefers dogs over cats. Most of the volunteers I work with are cat fanciers, so I've done four of the Britty Christmas kittys so far. Now, I must get to work and turn them into some ornaments for the office tree.

I was all set to begin Just Nan's Christmas biscornu as my next project. Went to get my pattern, and low and behold, none, nada, nuthin'. When I was at my LNS and purchased ... I ended up with the thread pack, and no pattern. My oh my, that is going to be one $precious$ biscornu by the time I get the pattern in my hot little hands! I must pay more attention to what I'm purchasing.

Thanks to all who left birthday wishes in my comments box. I had a good day, and week. Yesterday I received another wonderful gift from my dear friend Lynn and a card from a friend in Louisiana. For a milestone birthday it has been a good week.

I want to thank you wonderful stitchers who stop by to look at my blog. I feel like I know each and everyone of you. The stitching blog community is a great one to belong to!

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