Saturday, September 15, 2012

Day trip to OKc

  We visited the Banjo Museum.  There are over 350 of them on display.  Here I am with just one of the displays.  If you are ever in Oklahoma City, I recommend this museum for sure.  Some of the backs are works of art.  I will post more of them later.

Something I've wanted to do is try the Segway.  At the Oklahoma Science Museum, I had the chance.  It took me a while to find the right balance area, but one I did, off I went!!  This museum is geared toward children, but aren't we all children?

I also was able to work on a small design on the bus.  Can't show it to you just yet because it's a gift.  Yes, I can stitch on the bus.  Trying to decide what design I'm going to take with me on the Colorado trip later this month.

Well, chili and veggie soup are in crockpots a cookin', football will be on the air in about 30 minutes, so I've got to get my tv chair ready for some FOOTBALL!!!   Hopefully the OK State Pokes will bounce back this week.  GO POKES!!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

HoE Home state/town Christmas ornament

It was bound to happen.  When two stitching buddies belong to the same Exchange group, one of would get the others name to stitch for.  I got the draw this time.  Lynn was my partner.  I knew the design I was going to stitch even before I had my partners name.  It is an old design I've had for years and with some time between projects I went ahead and started on the ornament.  I was almost finished when I received her name. Decided to change Oklahoma to Okmulgee.  It's a little hard to decifer Okmulgee in the photo but I think it's clear enough for Lynn to read. 
I used the called for DMC threads and stitched it on a 28ct opalescent fabric, one of my favorites, and Lynn's too, so I belive I "did good."  You can't see it real well, but I trimmed the bow in gold thread.  Then added some more gold by trimming the ornament with gold beads and used gold wire as the hanger.  I may have to stitch one for myself!
Have a great week.

Sunday, September 9, 2012


Here's my little ornament designed by Daffycat.  I wish the neon green fabric showed up better.  Had alot of fun stitching this one.  Thanks Daffy for sharing it with us.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Quaker Garden, Winter Wonderland and 2011 Prairie Schooler


Here are my latest framed pieces.  I am not a good photographer, so hopefully you get the idea of what they look like. I have no adequate area in my abode to take photos, so I do the best I can.  Hope you enjoy them. 

I give up, I cannot make them look centered in Blogger. 

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