Tuesday, May 26, 2009

An exchange received

Natasha let me know she has received the HoE Just Nan exchange I stitched for her. The design is from an old freebie Royal Blossoms. Since the design was even stitches on all sides I decided to make it into a biscornu. I don't like to brag on myself...but it did turn out beautiful. I also included items from her wish list.

I received two exchanges today

What a fantastic mail day for me. Two exchange packages were waiting for me in my mailbox. The first package was the HoE Just Nan exchange from Margaret. I've received exchanges from her and let me tell you. She has the most ingenious way of putting everything into a small space. Margaret says everything is homemade in this exchange. I love a biscornu, and this one is fantastic. Aren't those little spools the cutest? A local woodturner makes them. The beads are from NZ also. The thread is hand-dyed by a local also. She also included some fabric. Thank you so much Margaret.

The second exchange was from Kerstin. She made a tote bag for the FFT Blackbird Designs exchange. I love the colors in this design, purple and green. She also included two German cross stitch kits, a candy bar, some thread and a heart shaped photo mat. I may just have to take this tote with me on my bus trip. Thank you so much Kerstin. I love it. It just so happens that I stitched for Kerstin during this exchange also.

Hope everyone has a wonderful evening.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Sunday, May 24, 2009

A birthday and an exchange

I heard from Julianne she had received my birthday gift to her. We are doing a private birthday exchange and hers just happens to be in May. I chose to stitch the birth sampler from the Prairie Schooler Leaflet "Old MacDonald." The OM is such a fun leaflet to stitch from. Julianne said she loved the little pillow. I know I do!

I also saw where Kerstin received her Friends Through Threads Blackbird Designs exchange. I stitched from the book "Thank you Sarah Tobias." She said she had wanted to stitch one of the long pillows and now she doesn't have to. I must admit I love these little longs.

I'm still working on cleaning. I have to do a little, stitch a little, then clean a little more. My back is somewhat sensitive so I have to nurse it along.

Packing has begun for my Mt. Rushmore trip. I can't believe it's about time to leave. Early Saturday morning I'll be on my way.

Well, heard the dryer go off, so gotta fold some clothes. Have a great week.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Well, if you walked in to my apartment you would never know how much I accomplished today because it is all hidden. I started at 6 am and stopped at 2 pm. There were a few breaks but for the most part I was busy the whole time. Here's what got cleaned today: kitchen pantry, computer desk drawers, hutch drawers, computer filing system, basket on computer desk. There were lots of papers to go through and toss. I even tossed some freebie charts I knew I would never stitch. That one act is progress for me, because I keep them all!

Tonight is stitching for me. I want to complete the stitching on my HoE Just Nan exchange so I can complete the project and get it in the mail next week.

Tomorrow is a mystery trip with the bank. The hints given were wear you cowboy boots or motor cycle boots. I have no clue, so I'm really gonna be surprised!

So, all that is left is the bedroom and my stitching/clutter room. I have managed to disperse some of the items from the room to other locations. I can now walk in my hallway...somewhat. I may not get every nook and cranny cleaned before the trip next week, but there will be progress made!

Enjoy your evening.

Been busy

Hello all. I am in the throes of cleaning. It is about five years too late, but hey, if I don't finish it will still be awaitin'. Actually, I am trying to get the place straightened up so my friend Pat won't trip over any USO (unidentified sitting object) when she comes to look in on Tobie cat. Next week I leave for a long bus tour with the "old folk" to Mt. Rushmore. So, what have I been up to lately? Here's a snap:

I have four exchanges to finish before I leave on the trip. Three are in the mail and I'm a still working on the fourth. The stitching is almost complete though. (in the photo)

Well, cleaning is calling. Hope everyone has a great day.

Friday, May 8, 2009

YLPS from Janet

The mail man brought a cheery stitched piece today. It is from Janet H. and is from an OOP Book 60 Prairie Schooler leaflet, Spring Samplers. Isn't it a lovely piece. Thank you so much Janet. I stitched for Janet in Round 1. So, we're even! HeHe.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Fox

Over the weekend Lynn W. and I headed south to see our friend Mary Ann in Idabel. We both love to visit MA and her little shop. Our car is always heavier and her shop lighter when we head north to Okmulgee! This trip was no exception for me. Isn't he a great looking fellow? MA told me she bought him with me in mind. What a friend!

No stitching that I can show, but don't forget to pop over to Edgar's blog and enter his blogoversary giveaway.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Woodland Exchange from Sandra M.

The postman brought a ray of sunshine to my house today. I received my HoE Woodland Exchange from Sandra M. I love this little LHN Christmas ornament design. As a matter of fact, I stitched it for one of my partners in an earlier exchange. She included great and useful goodies too! A pair of black scissors, some needles, and a memo booklet.
The back of the exchange piece is a scissorkeep. It is the first one I've received this year. Isn't the backing fabric beautiful?
Thank you so much sandrajay , I love it all!

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