Monday, April 28, 2008

Outi has receive Here's to Ewe exchange

I heard from Outi, the snow princess, that she received my Here's to Ewe exchange. The package took quite some time to travel to Finland from Oklahoma. One never knows how quickly these international exchanges will be delivered. I chose one of the blocks from the Prairie Schooler's Old MacDonald to stitch for Outi. For some reason I just love this chart. I have one more project in mind to do from it. Here's the complete exchange, the front and the back:

After looking at my photos, I see I was off just a bit with the trim. Well, what can I say? I'm finishing challenged!

I want to thank all of you for your comforting words over my dad's passing. I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Thursday - Sunday I was house sitting in the country. The lighting out there isn't adequate for stitching, however, I was able to read. Finished a light read, "The doorbell rang". It's a Nero Wolfe mystery. Just happened to find it while cleaning at my mom's house. I didn't realize it was a NW until I got into it. Any way, it was a fun, light, read. I'm also reading one of the "Miss Julia" series by Ann B. Ross. Miss Julia is a delightful character. I highly recommend this series if you looking for a fun read with a light touch of comedy.

This week I'll be pulling threads and cutting fabric for another exchange. Wahoo, fun is on it's way for the oldster in OK.

Enjoy your stitching this week.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Floss tag suprise!

Stephanie recently held a blog drawing and guess who won? Yep, the old Okie stitcher. She says it was her first try at completing one, and I'd say she was a whopping success. The colors are so vivid. She also included three skeins of Carrie's fibers. Thank you Stephanie. I used a different photo program that what I normally do. I hope the photos do the floss tag justice.
I haven't been stitching much this week. My dad passed away, so I've been dealing with all the "paper" that is involved in a parent's passing. Luckily for the daughters, he had most of his affairs in order, so we've about completed what we can do now.
My stitching is with me, and I've rearranged my mom's living room so I can stitch with adequate lighting! It's amazing how dependent a stitcher person is on good lighting. I may have to bring one of Dazor's, (yes, I said one of) over from my house to keep at hers. No doubt I'll be spending some extra time over here for a while.
I've been looking at your blogs, just not commenting. There's been some fabulous stitching going on.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Here's to Ewe received from Isabelle

I had a wonderful surprise in the mail today. My Here's to Ewe exchange from Isabelle was in my mailbox. What's so much fun is I wasn't even expecting it. The best kind of surprise isn't it?

I've never had a long pillow like this. I love it. She also included two swatches of bright green fabric and some colorful over-dyed perle cotton #12.

The Humane Society held a one day s/n clinic Saturday. We did 50 cats and dogs. When the final dog went home to recuperate, we were plumb tuckered out. I spent yesterday taking it easy. Today was a wild day at the shelter. It felt like a full moon day. Individuals were trying to bring cats and dogs into the shelter to give up, they were calling for the ACO, and wanting to sign up for the next clinic! Then I couldn't get my books to balance. I'll work on them tomorrow, for "tomorrow is another day."

I'm stitching on a couple of exchanges, so nothing to show. Happy stitching.

Friday, April 11, 2008

HoE Pinkeep received by Joanne

Joanne received the HoE pinkeep I sent her. In an earlier post I mentioned I was concerned that the package had not been delivered. Seems Joanne has been quite ill and hadn't posted. So, you can see the entire exchange on her blog, or see below.

Here's a close up. I must say, I had a hard time sending this one. Purple is my favorite color also. The design worked up so pretty in purple!

I wanted to try using ric rac as a trim. I think it turned out pretty good. Vonna, see the bow? I made it following your tutorial. I still haven't mastered it, but I'm getting there!


Stitching Bloggers Birthday exchange received by Vania

Vania posted that she received my birthday gift for her. I really had a great time stitching this piece. She posted photo here which is much better than mine below! I sent her a birth sampler using the piece from Prairie Schooler's Old MacDonald. I substituted the chicken with a cat. In her note Vania say the cat looks like hers that she sadly lost just two weeks ago. This was a very fun stitch for me. I am happy to hear that Vania liked all of it. I also included two patterns, one with strawberries, a favorite of hers, and one of a cat. There's some strawberry candy, a notepad, and of course the Oklahoma State Quarter.

I'm waiting to hear about two exchanges I sent, the HoE pinkeep, and the SBBE's Here's to Ewe. The pinkeep has me a little concerned because I sent it two days after Vania's, which went to Italy. The pinkeep was sent to NH priority mail. Go figure.
The Humane Society is sponsoring another Spay/Neuter clinic tomorrow. I'll be working it. We have 60 animals scheduled. No doubt Saturday will be a long day.
Have a great stitching weekend.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Hoe Biscornu exchange received by Ina

Greetings. I heard through the grapevine that Ina (no blog) had received the biscornu exchange I sent. It was a freebie design I found...somewhere. Biscornus are so much fun. I love collecting all the patterns I can find for them. So, here's the HoE biscornu exchange I sent. It's one of the smaller designs but what can I say? I love the wee biscornus. I haven't heard directly from Ina so hopefully she liked it. I also included a really neat nail file, notepad, Heart in Hand pattern and one of the Oklahoma State quarters.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Checkin' in

Finally finished my HoE pinkeep exchange. I'll take the package to the PO this morning on my way to the shelter. The stitched piece is quite pretty if I do say so myself. As soon as my partner receives it I'll post. The recipient lives in the USofA, so it shouldn't take too long. Hope she likes it, cause I love it.

Have a good day.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Rain, Rain

Monday afternoon we had some heavy thunderstorms pass through town. When it rains hard the city ditch that runs beside my duplex overflows into the yard. Here's a couple of photos looking out my back door. As you can see, one neighbor didn't heed the warning. The car got swept into the ditch. The water has never gotten into the duplex, but has gotten quite close. Hope it never does get up that far.
I've been stitching on two exchange pieces. One is finished but not ready to mail. I tried working on it tonight, but the vision was too blurry, so will have to work extra hard tomorrow to get it completed. The stitching on the other is almost finished too. The deadlines are very near so I must work faster.
Enjoy your Wednesday.

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