Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A gift from and for Lynn

 The long pillow above is from my friend Lynn.  We belong to a sorority that has secret sisters.  Gifts are exchanged periodically during the year.  Well, last night was reveal night, and the pillow was one of my gifts.  She did a fantastic job of finishing it. I gave her the little Halloween pillow for taking care of my cat Tobie while I was on my trip to Chicago. Thank you Lynn, you know I love it.
This beauty was received yesterday as part of the Seasonal Exchange group.  Elisa was my partner, thanks so much I love it..  My photo doesn't do this piece justice.  The color is more vibrant in real life.  I really like the way she finished the pillow.  The design is a Bent Creek piece, Autumn House.  I'm gong to have to try this finish.  When I saw the envelope in the mailbox I was a bit puzzled, because I thought I had received all my exchanges.  Well, slap me silly, I totally had forgotten I signed up for this exchange.  I pulled all the threads, selected the design and fabric before I left for Chicago.  Guess I just forgot.  Anyway, needless to say, I am stitching my piece for my partner!  I believe I'll make the mailing deadline.

Guess I'd better get off the computer and get to stitching.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

One for me and one for Lisa S.

 Above is the Hoe Scissor Fob I stitched for Lisa S. She and I have exchanged stitched pieces in several exchanges.  Since I totally forgot to take a snap of what I sent. I've borrowed Lisa's photos.  She says she likes it, and the Heath Bars. I sent more, but temptation got the best of her!  Can't blame her for that...they happen to be one of my favorites too.

Here's the fob I recieved in the exchange also. It's from Newfoundland's Deanne.  We've exchanged a few times too in HoE. You may or may not remember, but I love the small finishes.  Deanne couldn't have picked a better choice for me.  She included lots of goodies too.  Just look at that purple effects thread from DMC.  She included a notepad and some candy too.  Thanks so much Deanne.  Your fob is on my scissors as I type!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

It's Daffycat's Blogoversary

In honor of her blogging anniversary It's Daffycat is having a give-away.  So, pop on over and enter!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

A new finish

Here's my latest finish.  Put the finishing touches on it while I watched Oklahoma State eek by Missouri. (GoPokes) I have some little light bulbs, somewhere in this house and will attach them...if I find them!   Hope his Mimi and Auntie like what I did.  The design is It's Daffycat's Mistletoe Reindeer.  Have I ever mentioned that I love those little "deer"?  Well, I do!.  Below is my cat.  He wasn't the least bit interested in  watching the football game!  I took the photo with my camera, so it's not the best, but you get the idea.

Guess I'll go finds something else to stitch on while I watch LSU play Clemson Auburn.  Enjoy the rest of the evening.

My TobieCat all sacked out.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween exchange fromJulianne

My stitching friend Julianne and I did a Halloween exchange between us.  Here's what I received in the mail yesterday.  I love it, love it.  I find it fun that we both chose to stitch black cats.  We both love Prairie Schooler's designs, so I'd say we both scored!  Thank you Julianne. It's a perfect gift for me.    Here's what I stitched for her:
You've seen it before, but since it's getting close to Halloween, I'm reposting it. She made it into a scissor fob for a new pair of scissors she just got.

I finished another small Halloween piece for a friend, but can't show it just now.  I hope she likes it.

Going to start another giftie tonight for my friend Christine.  She has a new grandbaby and wants a first Christmas ornament.  I'm going to do one of Daffycat's reindeer since that's the design I used Chris' other grandchildren's ornies.  Guess I'd better get busy!  Have a great weekend stitching.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Gaby's Give-a-way

Gaby's having a fantastic give-a-way on her blog.  Pop on over to see.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A small finish

While on the bus trip, I manged to complete  the stitching of a couple small designs. One was for the HoE Halloween Scissor Fog exchange.  I'll post the photo of it as soon as my partner receives it.  The other one was for your's truly.  It's a freebie design from Helga Mandl.  I used a 32ct tea dyed fabric and DMC 4130  or is 4310 thread. I can never remember, but it is reds, rust and oranges.  It is also one of my favorite multi-colored threads.  I use it alot.  I'm also working on a small gift for a friend, the Prairie Schooler 2001 kit, and Blackbird Designs Winter Wonderland.  So, I'm trying to keep stitching while I have the patience and the desire.  Also have signed up for two more exchanges for the end of the year.  That should just about do it for me!  Have a great night.  I'm off to a Ladies Night Out sponsored by the bank that does the bus trips.  Here's the Helga M finish:
Oh, I also forgot I received my HoE Words of Christmas exchange.  Here it is:

 I drink lots of coffee during the day, so this is a fun exchange gift from Ina.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Chicago Trip--Willis Tower

It's been a fast week since I got back from the Chicago bus trip, so it's high time I post some of the photos. The highlight for me was going to the Willis Tower and stepping on the Ledge, which is 103 stories up from the ground.  So, here we go.
This is a photo of the WT (formerly called the Sear Tower) taken from the Shedd Aquarium.  The locals call it Big Willy, or at least that's what our guide told us. 

More of the WT.
Part of the WT with some of the Chicago building in the reflection.

Looking up from the sidewalk.  I got really dizzy.  I finally found a street sign to lean against and look up.  I was able to take the photo then.
Here I go....

My feet! It's a long way down.
  On the Ledge.

 My friend Jake and I clowning around.  He's pretending to pull me off!

And here's the professional photo they took. That's all for Big Willie and the Ledge.

We had a couple of the girls on the trip who would not go up.  You could really see the fear in their eyes.  They missed quite a site.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cleaning windfall

You know I said I couldn't find my purple linen, well, I still haven't.  However, in the process of looking for it, I found $100 I had stashed.  Guess I should clean more often.  I also found  my stitching glasses I thought got thrown away.  As I said, guess I should clean more often.  TTFN.

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