Wednesday, December 26, 2012

More Ornaments

 Merry Christmas one and all.  Pictured first are two versions of primitivebettys latest freebies.  I still have one more to stitch...for me! The ornie with the wire has the star and holly berries stitched with beads.  Both were given as gifts to two ladies in my church.

The last two are freebies from  I have stitched freebies from this blog before and really like them.  The three wise men ornament was stitched for another lady in my church.  The Christmas Tree?  I totally cannot remember who I stitched it for.  Pretty bad isn't it? It's a mystery that
probably will not be solved!!  Well, the mystery has been solved.  I took the tree to my soroity Christmas Party as part of an ornament exchange.  Yea!.  Have a great Christmas week.


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Exchange received and ornaments sent

Here's the ornament that Jayne sent for the HoE Stitcher's Exchange.  I stitched this design and the companion doggie one for volunteers at the Humane Society several years ago.  Never got around to stitching one for myself.  Now I don't have to worry about it.  Jayne also sent some chocolates in the package.  I took them to work and put them in the candy bowl on my desk.  They will disappear quickly.  With my diabetes, I just can't have many sweets.  Thank you Jayne for the Brittercup kitty.  I love it.
These are the ornaments I stitched for my great-nephew and nieces this year.  I just love the kitty design.  It is a freebie from Lynn B @  I am working on one for myself right now!! Thanks Lynn for sharing this great design.  The reindeer is a freebie from  There are several designs there and I've stitched several of them also.

It's about time for football, so will sign out.  Have a great week everyone.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Gifts and Exchanges

 This is the exchange piece I sent to Dawn as part of the HoE Stitcher's Choice exchange.  I totally forgot to take a snap of the goodies I sent.  Dawn has a great photo of them on her blog.

 Julianne and I have been exchanging for quite some time now. I decided to do a double sided ornament for her.  Seems like I do these alot . They are from a Prairie Schooler leaflet.
 This is what she sent me.  I love it.  Julianne does such great stitching.
 Now you ask what the heck is a Halloween piece doing in Christmas ornaments. My good friend stitched it for my birthday.  I've been so lazy about blogging, that I'm just now getting around to posting.  Not only is it a great stitched piece, but MAA as I call her has moved back to my town.  So now I get to stitch and visit with her more often.
 My cousin and his wife lives in Alaska, so I stitched this ornament for their tree.  It's a oldie design, but I like it.  So far they have not received it.
This little ornie is for my friend Karen who has a cat.  He's Moose, and is a yellow tabbie.  I didn't want to change the color so I went ahead and stitched it as was charted.  Karen received it today.  She moved to Kansas a few years ago.  She said she was unpacking the tub of all the ornaments I had stitched for her.  I'm sure I have photos of them.  Good thing, because I can't remember what all I stitched!!

There's a few a few more ornaments stitched, but not finished.  I better get busy, because most of them need to be put into the mail.  I'll post them when I get finished.

Oh yes, it finally turned cold.  Now I want the warm weather back.  Never satisfied.  Have a warm and cozy evening.

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