Thursday, March 22, 2012


Now I ask, how can one little letter be the bane of frustration?  Today an X was not my friend and called many frogs.  I think I stitched that letter three or four times.  Oh, the eyes aren't what they used to be.

I heard from my stitching friend Julianne that she got my Spring exchange I sent.  It is a Beth Twist design from the latest Gift of Stitching magazine.  Here's my interpretation:
Julianne said it reminded her of spring, so I accomplished my goal.  That's the fabric I backed it with.  I wish I could master the art of bows.  I used the charted threads and used an opalescent fabric that had a hint of blue violet to it.  I think it was 28ct, but I don't remember.

Have one more exchange to finish tomorrow.  I know how I'm going to do it too!  Guess it's time to test the bed.  See ya tomorrow.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Winter Seasonal from Gaby

Here's the Winter Seasonal exchange I received from Gaby today.  This is a restitch by her.  The first one went missing in the German Postal System.  She also included some cute little green hearts in the package.  It was worth the wait, and I thank Gaby  doubly for the extra stitching she had to do.

The rains, they have come.  My drainage ditch is getting full, but the rain has been sporadic, so it isn't filling very fast.  I'll have to check it out first thing tomorrow.

No stitching tonight.  I worked on a private exchange piece.  It is finished, but it did not turn out at all like I hoped.  Now I don't know what to do.  I'll take a photo and see how it looks.  I may be surprised!

Good night all.

BBD's Quaker Garden Update

 March 19, 2012
Here's my progress I've made since March 15th.  I had to switch my frame because the other was causing discomfort in my neck and arms.  Can't have discomfort when I'm stitching! 

We are gearing up for some major rain this week.  Even talk of flash flooding.  Tonight I am going to get all my STASH up off the floor and maybe move it to my van.  The drainage ditch next to my place really overflows into my yard.  It has never reached the house, but come with in a foot or two.  Don't want to loose any of my stuff.  Oh, now, I know my friends who know me well are saying, "She'll never get all of that in the van."  They are right, but I can get my good stuff in there!

It is so humid today.  I hate humidity.  Better call the a/c tech and have it serviced.  I'm about ready to turn it on!

Hope everybody has a great day.  Gee, I believe I just heard thunder.

Friday, March 16, 2012

BBD's Quaker Garden

Here's the progress I made last night before I had to get some shut-eye.  I know I'm gonna love stitching this one.  There's not too many color changes!
Started March 15, 2012

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Summer in OK

We haven't had any winter so to speak, and spring has leaped right into summer her.  84 degrees today.  Now that is just too warm for winter as far as I'm concerned.  I believe we are to get some rain in the next few days.  Oh, if it would cool us down just a little.

I have been stitching alot this past month and a half.  I took two finished pieces to the framer yesterday.  I am anxious to see how they turn out.  Nothing fancy, but it still cost a bunch.  Well, stitching is my vice, so it comes with the territory.

Chose my next large piece to stitch.  It's BBD's Quaker Garden.  I have all the materials since I ordered them through a Loose Feathers automatic.  I'm not crazy about the fabric, but it will soften up once I mangle it into a frame!

I also finished two exchange pieces this week.  I just have to ornamentalize one of them and pillow the other.  Looking forward to see how the pillow turns out.  I even made a trip to Tulsa to pick up items to finish it with.

Guess I'll go hunt an appropriate frame for the BBD piece and get in a couple of stitches tonight.

Have a great day Friday.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

A giftie from BeckySC

The mailman brought me this little pretty a couple of days ago. My dear stitching friend Becky sent it. I love Blackbird Designs, so of course, I love this pincushion. I don't remember how I happened upon Becky's blog several years ago, but I am so glad I did. She introduced me to the world of exchanging. Thank you Becky dear, for this gift of friendship and the world of blogging and exchanging!

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