Saturday, March 29, 2014

Forgot to post


I just love this LHN girl and her shamrock bouquet.  St. Patrick's is a favorite of mine to stitch!  I stitched this for my cousin's birthday since she is a March baby.  I'm stitching one for me but won't get it done in March unless I hustle.  Hustling is really against my nature, so she'll be ready for next year!  MarieP, my corners are getting better thanks to your tutorial.  

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Halloween Round 3 Received

I received this beauty from Michelle yesterday.  It is part of the Hooked on Exhanging Halloween group.  It is "Pumpkin on Gingham" by the Sweetheart Tree.   She chose a perfect design for me. I love fall/Halloween.  Thank you Michelle.  I love, love it.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

HOE Halloween Round 3 Received by Roberta

I saw where Roberta received my exchange piece .  I chose wicked by primitibebettys.  I love this design and wanted go stitch it.  Check out my corners.  They are definitely getting better.  MarieP' method is working for me. Now, I need to practice in those straight seams!  I have. Another finish, but can't show it until my recipient receives it.  I ordered LHN's March girl.  Since I like St. Patrick's Day, she's my next project.  Have a great day.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Latest finish

I found this stitched piece the other day when I was looking for who knows what.  I had completely  forgotten about it.  Got busy and made a hanging pillow to display.  It is, after all, March.  Can you believe it?  I'm still working on MarieP's corner technique. I believe I about have it figured out.  I'm using too much fiberfill to stitch at the corners.  I have an exchange piece to put together. Hopefully the corners will look better.  I do no remember the designer.  I will look for chart tomorrow. (It is Sew Irish by Istitch designs) If I find it I will edit it into the post.  Getting ready for another found of weather.  We will see if it happens.

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