Monday, November 28, 2011

A little gift for a little guy

My friend Chad and his wife had a little boy a couple of months ago.  I stitched the little guy an ornament for his first Christmas.  I do love It's Daffycat's reindeer.  I've stitched all of them except her latest.  There's still time!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Autumn Seasonal received from Angela

I read where Angela received my stitched piece for the Seasonal Exchange group.  I stitched a Lizzie Kate design for her because I sorta thought she liked LK's designs.  Lucky me, she hadn't stitched this one.  I used a 28ct tea dyed Monaco fabric and recommended fibers.  I'm using Angela's photo because hers is much better than mine. it is:
Travel is in my plans again.  For the weekend, my stitchin' bud Lynn and I are heading down to Idabel to visit our stitchin' bud Mary Ann.  She's having her Christmas Open House at Mimi's.  I'm sure the van will be full of goodies and gifts on our way back.  Then Monday my travelin' bud Diane and I are heading to Branson.  We'll shop a little and take in a couple of shows.  She wants to see Brule and go to the Dixie Stampede and maybe we'll go see Pierce Arrow too..  It'll be a fun trip for us.  We're staying at resort about 10 miles from town.  Looking forward to it.

I hired a young man to do some maintenance work on my abode.  So far he'd done some siding replacement, installed a new storm door, three window replacements, some shutters and three light fixtures.   The place is looking so much better and my pocketbook is quite abit lighter! 

Guess I'd better check on my laundry.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend.  Go OK State Cowboys!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

A first for me

No stitching to show even though I have been stitching.  Had quite a shock last night, literally.  OK had a 5.6 earthquake .  Now, tornadoes, yes, earthquakes, no.  At first I did not know what was happening.  I initially thought one of the hospital helicopters got too close to the house.  Then I realized what one happening.  A very spooky feeling for this old gal. 

I just remembered I do have some finishes to show.  Chris and Denise are visiting from California.  I made these for them. I think they liked them.

I've stitched this design before, and just love it.  Hmm, wonder if I should do one for me?  Me thinks I should.

On another note, the OK State Cowboys won a hard fought, error laden game with Kansas State. Pistols fire, unfortunately some of the shots were really close...fumbles and interceptions.  One thing for certain, they cannot play like that against OK U and win.  Predictions are they will move up to #2 in the BCS poll, We'll see what happens. 

Time for another cup of coffee.  This fall back had me up at 4:00 a.m.  A very short night. 

Happy stitching.

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