Saturday, November 17, 2007

Checking In

No stitching to show. I'm still working on exchanges and the mailing deadlines are getting close. Today I stitched on my N&T exchange. It is coming along nicely. It better be since I have to mail it next week. I think I can get the stitching done tonight, and the finishing done tomorrow and into the mail Monday or Tuesday. One never knows though, especially when I'm the one doing the stitching!

We had a slow week at the Humane Society. Our computer was in the repair shop a couple of days, one or two adoptions as I remember. Every adoption counts though, which means a life saved.

Hope everyone has a restful and productive stitching weekend.

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Beatrice said...

My exchange will be put together tomorrow. I want to wait to mail it because I want the Thursday stitchers to see it in real life. Deadline is Friday so I will mail it on Thursday After I get back. I will post it after Misty gets it.

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