Sunday, November 25, 2007

One exchange sent and received

Kathy notified me that she received her N&T Christmas ornament exchange. She assured me she loved everything. She has a collection of 50-60 nutcrackers and mine is her first stitched! What a treat for me to give her one.
On another note, Friday at the Humane Society was a great day. We adopted five dogs. Three of them went to the state of Illinois. I highly recommend the website as a source for find any type dog or cat you want to adopt.
My sister did really like her name ornament. The men in my family had a fun giving me a hard time about seeing the name. The two brothers-in-law said the only "name" they could see was my initials and the date stitched! Now my sister wants me to do one for her husband so they have matching ornaments on the tree.
I have one more exchange for the USEBB to get in the mail. I'll put the finishing touches on it today and get it ready to take to the post office tomorrow. Then, I have a few ornaments to finish for friends. Have a wonderful Sunday.


Vonna said...

It's a beautiful ornament :) Congrats!

Dawn said...

It looks wonderful! You did a great job:)

I didn't see any puppy fabric at HL but I also had the kids with me so I didn't get to look real long.

tkdchick said...

I bet Kathy was just over the moon with her nutcracker!!!

Sharon said...

Your nutcracker ornament is so adorable. Lovely work.

Beatrice said...

Kathy will love the nutcracker to be sure!!!
Great piece..It is so cute.

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