Friday, November 2, 2007

A little tipsy and a puppy

It has been a good stitching week for me. Two, count them, two completed designs. That is very good for me, because as I've said many times, I am a very slow stitcher.

I absolutely fell in love with the Charland Designs Tipsy Tree when I perused the JCS Ornament issue. Since funky trees are a favorite of my, I knew I would be stitching it. The fabric is a piece of scrap left over from another project. I wanted to see how it stitched up. So, this little one is mine, all mine. I will be doing more for some friends trees.

The Britty Christmas puppy is one of the ornaments for a Humane Society volunteer who prefers dogs over cats. Most of the volunteers I work with are cat fanciers, so I've done four of the Britty Christmas kittys so far. Now, I must get to work and turn them into some ornaments for the office tree.

I was all set to begin Just Nan's Christmas biscornu as my next project. Went to get my pattern, and low and behold, none, nada, nuthin'. When I was at my LNS and purchased ... I ended up with the thread pack, and no pattern. My oh my, that is going to be one $precious$ biscornu by the time I get the pattern in my hot little hands! I must pay more attention to what I'm purchasing.

Thanks to all who left birthday wishes in my comments box. I had a good day, and week. Yesterday I received another wonderful gift from my dear friend Lynn and a card from a friend in Louisiana. For a milestone birthday it has been a good week.

I want to thank you wonderful stitchers who stop by to look at my blog. I feel like I know each and everyone of you. The stitching blog community is a great one to belong to!


Vonna said...

Your finishes look spectacular Becky :) Hope you find the pattern soon...if not, I know my LNS had it...I can go check for you...let me know!

Barbara said...

Love the Britty Puppy! Can't wait to see the ornament :)

Anonymous said...

Very cute finishes! :-) Can't believe Christmas will be here before we know it!

Lelia said...

very very nice!!!

enjoy the weekend

Sherry said...

Those are both wonderful! The radios are already playing Christmas music here!

tkdchick said...

Congrats on finishing two lovely oraments the tipsy tree is just precous!@

Carla said...

Cute finishes!!! Love the Christmas puppy!!

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