Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Exchange Finished

My N&T Ornament exchange is all boxed and ready to go to the post office this morning. I tried a new cording I've seen BeckySC and others use to finish pinkeeps. The ornament looks really good except for the off center a bit. I cannot seem to accomplish perfectly centered...but then I'm not either! I will post photos as soon as ????? lets me know she has received it.

Speaking of photos, I forgot to take one, so had to unwrap the ornament to get one.

Last night I worked on putting my little Tipsy Trees together. My goodness, they are tiny but going to be soo cute when completed. I'm just going to whipstitch the sides and use a purchased ribbon for the hanger.

My Tobie is persistently requesting to go outside for a while. Unfortunately for him, and me, my lawn was treated for weeds this week. He will have to stay in one more day. We are supposed to have some rain today. If it does rain, then he will be able to go outside.

Hope everyone has an absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving or wonderful Thursday. Happy stitching.


Sherry said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Beatrice said...

I look forward to seeing the ornament. Mine will go out before the due date, most likely tomorrow.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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