Friday, September 28, 2007

The Weekend, two finishes, and a vent

I cannot believe it's been five days since I last posted. Where does the time go, and why don't I have more stitching to show?
The first photo is the M designs tree for my friend Mary Ann. I'm not sure I like the beads on it. I'll let her decide if she wants me to leave them on and how she wants if finished. I used Crescent Colors Ruby Slippers, Mill Hill frosted beads, and an even weave probably Jobelan or Lugana. I think the count is 32.

The second photo is the house warming gift for the young couple at church. Now, I am the first to admit I am severely bow challenged. Mine never look professional. My friend Karen showed me how to make one. Her's was far superior to mine (pictured). I wanted to use a larger ribbon. The pattern is one I got off the internet sometime last year. It was a freebie. I used some GAST thread but don't remember which one. I do know that I used 28ct off white cashel linen as the fabric.

Now for my vent. My little town used to have a nice Ben Franklin and Wackers that carried craft items. Then the big WM moved in. I admit, I was pleased to have the option to shop there. But now that the littler stores have been closed WM is the only place to shop with out driving 45 miles to Tulsa. If you notice the ribbon on the house warming gift is not all that great a color. Since WM is paring down it's craft area, the ribbon spools haven't been replenished. I hate it that we're losing this option. It means more trips to Tulsa for trim, DMC floss, ribbon, etc. And most of all it means I'm going to have to practice ORGANIZATIONAL SKILLS! These skills are not my best. It's frustrating for this procrastinator. Oh, such is life.

Hope everyone has a great and relaxing weekend. My friend Lynn and I are heading south to Idabel to see our friend Mary Ann and celebrate her birthday.


Anita said...

I love both pieces. The M design is so pretty that I need to try the color of red. Your heart is beautifully finished and the ribbon bow looks perfect to me.
WM is definitely downsizing down the craft here as well. Their plan here was to get rid of it completely by next year.

Hazel said...

I think they both look lovely and I do like the beads on the M design. Very pretty heart too. xx

Vonna said...

I love your finishes and I'm sure that the recipients will adore them :)
I know what you mean about the things you need and not being able to find them. It stinks!!! TOTALLY....

Sharon said...

Fabulous finishes! I think they both are great. Don't get me started about Walmart as sometimes feel that I am forced to shop there due to little guys around them leaving and like you have to go out of my way (though not far) Congrats on the finishes.

Dawn said...

Both pieces are great!!

Beatrice said...

We are so lucky to have a great stitching store in our neigbourhood.
She carries all our cross stitch needs but not ribbons and buttons and things... so... like you we need the box stores as well.
Your finishes are great and they will be proud to have that hanging in there home!!!!

wanda said...

I love your two pieces the tree is beautiful in red. I do emphasize with you concerning the WM, my mother in law owned a stitching and frame shop in the 80's and had to close the crafts section down because of WM moving into town. Again great finishes!!

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