Saturday, September 1, 2007


I have no stitching to show. I finally had to put PoE up until I get back home and can use the Dazor. My stitching glasses aren't strong enough to help me when I do the beading. No problem, because I have lots of other projects I can work on. Can you believe it's September? That means I have to get busy and finish my birthday gift for my good friend Mary Ann. That's what I'm working on, or should I say frogging on, now. I did one section three times and finally had to put it down. I have stitches waiting to be frogged. My motto for the rest of the house sitting job may have to be "have Dazor will travel." I'm seriously thinking about loading it up and bringing it to the country.

Today is the big Adoption Day/Bake Sale for the Humane Society at the lake. We always have a large crowd out there. Ready made customers for the baked goods. Hope we can adopt some of out many cats.

Hope everyone enjoys their Monday holiday.

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Anonymous said...

Hope some of the kitties found good homes!

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