Monday, September 24, 2007

Humane Society Christmas Ornament

This is one of the ornaments I've chosen to do for the gals down at the Humane
Society who are cat lovers. I'm also going to do Britty Christmas Puppy for the dog lovers. At this time there's more cat lovers, so I'll be doing more of this one. I just love the little tree. I'm using stash evenweave and stash fibers changing the color of the heart and ornaments in the tree. It's an easy stitch, and it and the puppy are cute.
I also put the finishing touches on my friend Mary Ann's birthday gift. I'll be taking it to her this weekend, so will post pictures later. I'm not going to finish it because I need to know how she wants it done. I'm also not all that pleased with how it turned out, so I may take out some of the stitching if she doesn't like it.
This week I plan to finish my USEBB Autumn Quaker exchange and finish a house warming gift for a shower being held at my church. Those two finishes and my ornaments will take most of my stitching time. Won't get to stitch much tomorrow night because of Beta Sigma Phi meeting and Thursday is WW'ers. I'll have to hustle, which I'm not good at!
I've gone through the JCS ornament issue a couple of times. Can't decide which ones I want to stitch. I know I'd like to do the funky Tipsy Tree. It should be a quick stitch to use in some of the Christmas Cards I make.
Until next time. Happy stitching one and all.


Carol said...

Love the ornament, Becky! I think there are quite a few nice ornaments in the new JCS issue - can't wait to see what you stitch.

Sharon said...

Cute ornament! This is on my to be stitched one day list. Hopefully soon.

Dawn said...

I love the kitty! I can't wait to see how you finish it:)

If you get a chance to visit your cousin in Rogers maybe we could meet up at the LNS:)

Beatrice said...

The Kitty is cute, a friend of mine did that one and made it into a cubit. Very nice!!!

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