Friday, April 11, 2008

Stitching Bloggers Birthday exchange received by Vania

Vania posted that she received my birthday gift for her. I really had a great time stitching this piece. She posted photo here which is much better than mine below! I sent her a birth sampler using the piece from Prairie Schooler's Old MacDonald. I substituted the chicken with a cat. In her note Vania say the cat looks like hers that she sadly lost just two weeks ago. This was a very fun stitch for me. I am happy to hear that Vania liked all of it. I also included two patterns, one with strawberries, a favorite of hers, and one of a cat. There's some strawberry candy, a notepad, and of course the Oklahoma State Quarter.

I'm waiting to hear about two exchanges I sent, the HoE pinkeep, and the SBBE's Here's to Ewe. The pinkeep has me a little concerned because I sent it two days after Vania's, which went to Italy. The pinkeep was sent to NH priority mail. Go figure.
The Humane Society is sponsoring another Spay/Neuter clinic tomorrow. I'll be working it. We have 60 animals scheduled. No doubt Saturday will be a long day.
Have a great stitching weekend.


BeckySC said...

Becky, What a wonderful gift you sent!! You did a great job with the stitched piece!! Looks super! :)

Sally said...

Becky that is gorgeous!

Mary said...

What an adorable sampler! The cat looks so cute! You sent a great exchange, and I know Vania loved it.

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