Thursday, August 23, 2007

Lazy Week

It's been a lazy stitching week for me. Not much motivation.That's not really good because here it is almost the end of August. Where oh where does the time go?

I did manage to get a few stitches in on my current project. ( The scan is not all that great.) I'm so anal that I can just work on one project at a time. What's the secret of setting up a rotation? I do not see how many of you manage to stitch on multiple projects. I believe it has to do with an incredibly organized mind, of which I do not possess!
Yesterday was a good day at the Humane Society. We had three adoptions, two dogs and one cat. It was sad too because a couple came in for one of our featured dogs that had been put down the day before. Our Society is a volunteer organization that works out of the City animal shelter. We do our best to get the dogs and cats adopted or into foster care before their time is up. Unfortunately we are not always successful.
I changed my on screen identity to Becky K in OK. I ran across another Becky K so that's the reason.


Dawn said...

Great progress, Becky!!

I have tried unsuccessfully (many times!!) to set up a rotation but I have come to the conclusion I make more mistakes when I switch projects.

Hazel said...

Very nice progress. I like the design. If you like scissor fobs I am giving some away on my blog if you fancy having a go. xx

BeckySC said...

Looks great, Becky :)
I used a rotation for years, but got away from it when I started stitching Smalls. When I stitched mainly large projects I was very successful with a rotation :)

Per your question on my blog about getting the tin even. It's all in how you cut the cardboard to go on top :) I try to be as precise as possible :)

Have a lovely evening :)

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