Friday, August 10, 2007

Christmas Ornament

I finally finished one of my Christmas ornaments. It's a Lilybet design called Joy. I saw the pattern on a blog and immediately fell in love with the tree on it. Decided this would be one of my ornaments for this year. I stitched my initials and the year with the border for the back. I've done the stitching on several. Some I stitched the star instead of using a button, on some I stitched the snow flakes, and on others I used beads for the snow flakes.

I spent some time at the Humane Society today. We adopted one lone little kitten, named Cherub. The young lady who adopted her was thrilled. So were we because it had been a really slow day!. Enjoy your weekend.
The ornament notebook is still elusive since I didn't search for it today. Perhaps first thing in the morning while it's still relatively cool.


staci said...

Such a cute ornie :) I started a new ornament last nite also, thinking I better get busy as x-mas will be here soon!!! Hope you find the ornament book soon :)

Dawn said...

That is a cute ornament! Great job on the finishing:)

Sharon said...

What great little ornament! Very pretty. Congrats.

Marie-P said...

Great job stitching/finishing the ornament. Neat design!
Thanks for visiting my blog. If you email me with your snail mail I will gladly send you some of those wooden rings for the floss FOB. They came in a bag of about 20 and I won't use them all. I purchased them at a Ben Franklin here in VT but they were manufactured in VT so I do not know if all stores carry them.

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