Thursday, August 9, 2007

Any Idea?

Well, now I've temporarily misplaced the notebook I have all the Just Cross-Stitch ornament issues filed. Any idea where it might be? HeHe. There's a cat ornament that I wanted to stitch for some of the volunteers at the Humane Society. I mean, there's only five rooms in this duplex, so the notebook can't be far. It's not in the ROOM, because the clutter in there has been moved this week. So, it must be in the bedroom. Hope I find it soon. Time is getting away from me.
Tonight I finished a small scissor fob, but can't show it because it's part of an exchange. I also started the finishing on the tin topper, but it's just not centered right. Guess I'm too tired as it's nearing my bedtime. I'm one of those early to bed, early to rise kind of people. After nine o'clock I'm pretty much useless.
Went to the Humane Society for a couple of hours and then to Weight Watchers. My friend Lynn and I try so hard to stay on program. Both of us have reached goal in the past. The school year took it's toll on both of us both mentally and physically. She's going back for another year, I retired again.
Guess it's time to let Tobie in and hit the sack. Hope to have a small ornament to share tomorrow.

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