Monday, March 19, 2012

BBD's Quaker Garden Update

 March 19, 2012
Here's my progress I've made since March 15th.  I had to switch my frame because the other was causing discomfort in my neck and arms.  Can't have discomfort when I'm stitching! 

We are gearing up for some major rain this week.  Even talk of flash flooding.  Tonight I am going to get all my STASH up off the floor and maybe move it to my van.  The drainage ditch next to my place really overflows into my yard.  It has never reached the house, but come with in a foot or two.  Don't want to loose any of my stuff.  Oh, now, I know my friends who know me well are saying, "She'll never get all of that in the van."  They are right, but I can get my good stuff in there!

It is so humid today.  I hate humidity.  Better call the a/c tech and have it serviced.  I'm about ready to turn it on!

Hope everybody has a great day.  Gee, I believe I just heard thunder.


Julianne said...

Great progress! I really hope you will not be affected by heavy rains.

Stay safe . Hugs to you.

barbara said...

Keep that stash safe!!!

Daffycat said...

Your Quaker looks divine, Becky!

My stash is safe from flooding (knock on wood) but if I'm really lucky all the streets leading to my house get swamped and I will be stuck here with nothing to do but stitch. Hey...feel free to bring your stash to my house. Just in case.

Well, over the last couple of years we've had blizzards, drought, brutal heat & cold. It's a pretty sure bet it is going to start raining and not stop for months, right?

Cathy B said...

A true stitcher through and through -- worries about keeping her stash safe first!

I hope the storms weren't too bad. We had some last night too but thankfully they moved through quickly.

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