Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Ornament Swap Round 3 for Amy

Amy e-mailed to say she had received the ornament exchange I sent to her. Best of all she said she loved it. I had a hard time decided what to stitch for her for this round. Then one day I saw some freebies from this blog These two jumped out at me because in Amy's profile she said she like nativity scenes. I think the ornie turned out quite well. Amy's photos are much better than mine, so pop on over and take a look see.
It's a blizzard here in Oklahoma. Weathercaster said this was only the third time we have had blizzard conditions in the state on Christmas Eve. I braved it and walked over to church for Christmas Eve service. The snow is deep and it's still coming down. Very unusual for us in this area. We usually get ice. So, it looks like an alone day for Christmas cause I can't drive in the snow and our city does not have the equipment to plow the streets. I'll do some serious stitching though.
Merry Christmas to you all.


Daffycat said...

Wishing you joy this Christmas, Becky!

We were going to go to Edmond tomorrow looks like we are snowed in. :o(

Teri said...

So Sorry You can't go see family. But the snow sure is pretty.

Mary said...

Our church services were cancelled for tonight, and I had looked forward to attending. It's just miserable out. We'll be in for a while! Merry Christmas!

Teri said...

Hey Becky, Go to my blog. Its new.

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