Sunday, January 6, 2008

Catching Up


I've commented several times that one of my favorite designs this year is the Charland "Tipsy Tree." My last finish of 2007 was exactly that design. I tried something new for me, beading around the edge. I think it turned out very pretty. My photo isn't that great, but in person it is so cute. But, alas, it was stitched as a gift, so it's not mine! WINTER
I also started an Elizabeth's Designs piece, "Winter Stitching Club." I enjoy stitching her designs. I have the whole series, finishing Autumn sometime ago.


My friend, Lynn, and I have a NYE tradition of getting up early, driving to Tulsa, then shopping the big sale at The Silver Needle. We arrived about 6:05 a.m. and shopped, shopped, shopped. What fun it is to fill those baskets and get those discounts. After close to two hours, we checked out and headed to get some breakfast. (Who doesn't need sustenance after all that?!) Then to Hobby Lobby for more stash. Like I needed more. Then we headed back to the Silver Needle for shopping for another round. I believe we had a really good morning. Both of us had two large bags stuffed full of stitching goodies. Here's a portion of my stash.I still have openings for five PIF stitchers. To fulfill my part of the PIF, I will randomly choose five stitchers to send stitched pieces to if I have no participants.

Have a great week. I head to the Humane Society tomorrow morning.


Mary said...

The ornie is cute! You'll have to make one for yourself. I just love the way "Winter" looks so far. I'm not familiar with that one, but will have to look it up. You did a lot of shopping!! I'll take a pic of what I got and post it. I'm trying to use up some of my stash, so I really didn't get as much as I could have...

Lili said...

What a lovely finish! I think I'll give it a try too.
Shopping at the Silver Needle... My, you have no idea how much I dream of doing such a thing! Here in France, our fav hobby is not very much developed and everything is so pricey!!! Sales are non-existent in that matter... Fortunately, we have the internet but it's not the same as shopping in person...
Finally, I might let DH invite me to visit the US someday? Lol!!!
Lovely job on the Winter design.
Take care!

Vonna said...

STASH glorious STASH !!! Hurray for you!!!
And I love the beaded edge to topsy turvey! Congrats!!

Susimac said...

Your ornie is so cute. Lovely stash too.

Cathy B said...

Your ornament looks great Becky!

Gosh - what a great way to close out the year - a trip to the Silver Needle! If I lived closer I'd invite myself to come along! LOL. Glad you and your friend had a great time!

Wendy said...

An in-person shopping trip to the Silver Needle! I'm so jealous! I bet you had a great time and got some amazing new stash! Lovely job on your ornament :-D

Beatrice said...

Your Happy Stash is just wonderful. It's great when you get some good bargins isn't it?
I really like the beads on the Tipsy Tree. Of course Beads are my favorite. Bling what can I say.

Winter is pretty so far. I look forward to seeing it finished.
p/s have a look at my Blog!!

Kathy A. said...

Wow, that shopping trip sounds like wonderful fun! Nice stash you picked up. Love that little tree - too bad you don't get to keep it.

Sharon said...

Your ornament looks great with beading, Great stash you bought!

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