Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Dirty Santa

Last night the sorority I belong to had our Christmas dinner. The get-to-gether was postponed in December due to bad weather. Anyway, our activity was to bring a ornament for exchange. I took my last Tipsy Tree. It got traded three times before it went home with a dear lady. Here's the one I took home. I had to trade to get it. My friend Lynn made it, so I was extra happy to get it.
I stitched a little on the Elizabeth's Designs Winter yesterday morning. This was after I frogged some of the stitching. Seems I used the wrong color green on a set of the leaves. I considered taking Shay Pendray's advice of just working around it. However, the contrast between the two greens was too much for me to leave it.

Monday, one of the Humane Society volunteers accompanied our Sheriff and one of his investigators to a puppy mill in the county. She said it was the worst she has ever seen. Unfortunately Oklahoma does not have legislation that can shut them down for horrible living conditions. As long as the dogs have food, water, and shelter the law protects the millers against inhumane treatment and abuse. Go figure.

Hope everyone has a great stitching day today.


Kim said...

I like the ornament you ended up with :)
Were they able to do anything to help the dogs, or were they technically within the law? Puppy mills are terrible, I hope they make stronger laws soon in OK!

Carol said...

What a sweet ornament! That puppy mill story sickens me :-(

Mary said...

What is a wonderful ornament! That's an awful story about the puppies...poor little things...they sure don't deserve those kinds of conditions.

Sharon said...

This a lovely ornament! That puppy mill sounds terrible. We recently had a dog fighting case here and 33 animals had to be put down-because they were only bred for fighting. Just terrible.

BeckySC said...

That's a lovely ornament :)
((( Your are SO sweet -thank you-hugs to you)))

Carla said...

Lovely ornie!!!
I read about the puppy mills, and it's so sad what people do to animals just for money :(

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