Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Stash enhancement

Received these goodies in the mail from Amy at Down Sunshine Lane Monday.
After seeing the PS Fairie on Marie P's blog, I knew I had to have this pattern. I assumed it was out-of -print, but found it at DSL. I have put it on my 2008 stitch list. I also received some pumpkin colored fabric from a fabric club I belong to. It is so pretty.
Yesterday was another good day at the shelter. We adopted three cats, one dog, got one out of jail, and one into foster care. Update on the abuse case in the county. An animal rights activist is bringing a group with traps to capture the dogs. Once captured they will be taken to Tulsa and euthanized. One old hound is so pitiful. It certainly cannot have much of a life. So sad.
I'm house sitting with Scruffy the rest of the week. It will be fun to be with her again. She's such a fun dog. There won't be much major stitching done though. Too much going on. I'll have to take something small to work on that doesn't require alot of attention! Dawn talked of stitching a Christmas ornament for her LNS's tree. I think I'll do an ornament for the tree. That would be good to stitch on with Scruffy.
Time to get the day going. Happy stitching to one and all. Thank you for stopping by.


Sherry said...

Great stash! How nice to hear so much good happened yesterday at the shelter! I am so sorry about the other dogs though.

Sharon said...

Wonderful stash! I wondered what you thought about the Ellen Degeneres dog flap?

Beatrice said...

Happy stitching with Scruffy..
I have a surprise for you on my blog!
Have a look.

BeckySC said...

Great stash, Becky!!
I love the fairie and received it from a special friend :) Can't wait to stitch it! Looking forward to seeing all these stitched up :)

Michelle said...

Great stash! Love that PS fairy!

Carla said...

Nice stash!!!

Wendy said...

Some wonderful new stash!

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