Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Beatrice received her biscornu

Beatrice notified me that she received her biscornu exchange. I'm still an exchange novice and forgot to take photos before I sent it off to Canada so I'm borrowing one she took. Hope you will take a peek at what I did for her. (I absolutely love making the teeny biscornus and loved doing this one.

I'm still stitching on the M Designs name tree for my sister. Alas, her birthday has past, but this tree will be a real keeper when I get if finished.

We continue to have a good month at the Humane society. Today we adopted an elderly female tabby Manx to a lady who was absolutely thrilled to get her. What fun it is to see a perfect match.

My Tobie deposited a little surprise on the floor this morning when he came in from the outdoors. It was a little bird he must have caught. That is the first time he has done that since I got him almost two years ago. At least it wasn't a snake. I would not be writing at this point if it was a snake!

Yesterday after shopping at Wal-Mart, I got in my car to leave the parking lot. Nothing, nada, dead as a door nail, the engine would not turn over. Luckily our store has an auto center that was able to get it started. I drove straight to my auto shop to have it repaired. I am still carless tonight. I really can't complain, it's ten years old. I should get another, but it drives so well, and I still like it.

Sorority meeting tonight at one of the local Mexican restaurants. Umm good, I have an extreme fondness for Mexican cuisine. I'll enjoy it.


Barbara said...

Lovely little biscornu!

Sherry said...

What a wonderful exchange! What a wonderful feeling to match up a pet with a new owner! Hope your car comes back working even better!

Beatrice said...

Oh that was fun to receive.
Thank you again!!I decided to put the scissor fob on to the biscornu. It looks like that in the picture and It works.
Great rewards for the match up with People and Pets!!

Lili said...

Hi Becky!
I wanted to say Hi and thank you for your kind comment on my blog. I'm definitely happy to have found your blog: I am also a cat lover, and implied in their protection so this is a second passion we share...
I'll be back with great pleasure.
Take care!

Carla said...

Beautiful biscornu!! I like the shade of green you stitched it with.

Sylvie said...

Beautiful biscornu :)

Hazel said...

Great exchange! xx

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