Monday, July 30, 2007

The Case of the Missing Needle

It all started with a lost 28 petite needle. I reached for my handy telescoping magnet in my special basket. Alas, it was nowhere in site and the needle still missing.

The above incident prompted me to get all my needlework gadgets together. The task began early this morning. There are so many hidey holes for "treasure" in my duplex, I had to decide where to begin. Oh, brother, the ROOM, which is where all my sewing takes place. It also doubles as a storage area. I found a few gadgets, but no telescoping magnet. I did uncover lots and lots of floss though! Then I made my way through all the Longaberger baskets and a few more finds. My stash chest brought a couple more and low and behold, lots of hand dyed fabrics. I had forgotten one of the clubs I belonged to sent fabrics, some of which the owner hand dyed herself.

I have just made more work for myself. Now I have to file all that thread I found. Wonder what projects I bought it for? The stitching angel only knows, because I don't.

The needle still remains lost, but the telescoping magnet was located. Where, you ask? Why in my special basket stuck to a pair of my scissors! What a day, but a productive one.


Dawn said...

LOL...that sounds like me looking in my closet for my stash! Except something usually comes crashing down on me:)

Here is the link you asked about. Enjoy:)

Dawn said...

oops sorry about the link, my mistake:(

Carol said...

Oooo, must have been fun to discover all that stash all over again!!!

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