Thursday, May 22, 2014

Exchange from Julianne and a couple of Ireland photos

I received this beauty while on my trip to Ireland. It is from Julianne as part of our private Spring exchange.  It is a Prairie Schooler design.  She and her daughter Julie worked together to get it finished.  I love chicks and roosters as subjects, so she did great as usual.  Thanks, J., I really love it.  
Here' two of my favorite sights from my trip to Ireland.
This is a weed, more or less.  It's called gorse or scotch broom.  The roadsides and fields are covered in it. The farmers even use it as fences for their fields.  It is everywhere.  
This photo doesn't do the colors justice, they are really much more vivid.  It is a field of canola.  The bright yellow against the bright green fields is just magnificent.  I tried many times to get a photo of the canola.  This is the only one that is half way good. 
It has taken me over a week to recoup from the trip.  I had major jet lag on top of a sore throat and hacking cough.  I'd go again though!  LOL.  Enjoy your Thursday!

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Julianne said...


What beautiful photos. I am so happy for you that you got to visit Ireland.

I'm happy you like your " rooster" egg!

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