Saturday, January 5, 2013

Last finishes of 2012 and First of 2013

 This teeny ornament was my very last finish of 2013.  It is primitivebettys "A child is born done over 1.  It was so tiny I almost didn't get it turned inside out!  I love this little design so much that I stitched it more than once.
Yes, I stitched this design about six times this year!  Decided I needed one for myself.  This kitty is so darned cute.  My great-niece Delaynie loved her ornament of the design I made for her.  She's a big fan of Santa hats, so she was pleased.
My first finish of 2013 is Plum Street Samplers, Maxim and Zoya.  I put it away to work on ornaments and exchanges.  There wasn't too much stitching that was left.  I'm thinking I need to change the date in the right hand corner.  I'll think on it a while but will definitely make a decision before I take it to be framed.

The copyright date on this LHN design is 2009, so it had been sitting in the WIP/UFO basket awhile.  Can you believe there were about 11 stitches left on this one?  Wonder why I didn't finish stitching it?  Oh well, it is done.  I will finish-finish it before the month is over! LOL.

We have a chance of light snow flurries today.  That means it's going to be cold and overcast.  Love it, love it.  Why, you ask?  Great day to stay in and stitch!!  That's exactly what I intend to do.  Oh, and watch me some FOOTBALL too.  Near as I can figure I have four games today.  Oh, what's a girl to do?  The season is rapidly coming to an end. Ah, but never fear, Downton Abby starts Sunday!!!

Have a great weekend.


Julianne said...

Love all of your finishes. Enjoy the games!

Daffycat said...

Your ornament finishes are wonderful! I especially like the teeny one! I'm partial to small ornaments. The kitty turned out very sweet as well.

Congratulations on the PPS finish! I have this design in my to-do-basket too.

Isn't it funny what we find in our WIP/UFO box? I'm glad you got it out and put in those last few stitches!

Laura said...

I like your work.
Happy New Year.

Mary said...

Oh, Becky, that's a very tiny, but sweet ornament!! I love it!
Love the finishes, too.
Happy New Year and hope that 2013 is the best year yet for you!

Lynn B said...

Hi Becky,

Your sweet ornaments look lovely! I am so glad you liked my cat pattern, it has been quite a hit with a number of bloggers and stitchers!

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