Saturday, October 15, 2011

Chicago Trip--Willis Tower

It's been a fast week since I got back from the Chicago bus trip, so it's high time I post some of the photos. The highlight for me was going to the Willis Tower and stepping on the Ledge, which is 103 stories up from the ground.  So, here we go.
This is a photo of the WT (formerly called the Sear Tower) taken from the Shedd Aquarium.  The locals call it Big Willy, or at least that's what our guide told us. 

More of the WT.
Part of the WT with some of the Chicago building in the reflection.

Looking up from the sidewalk.  I got really dizzy.  I finally found a street sign to lean against and look up.  I was able to take the photo then.
Here I go....

My feet! It's a long way down.
  On the Ledge.

 My friend Jake and I clowning around.  He's pretending to pull me off!

And here's the professional photo they took. That's all for Big Willie and the Ledge.

We had a couple of the girls on the trip who would not go up.  You could really see the fear in their eyes.  They missed quite a site.


Kathy A. said...

OMG Becky - you are so brave. Never, and I mean never, would you catch me on that glass floor let alone at the top of that tower. I bow down to you!

Vonna said...

What sweet pictures of you! :)
Ones to remember!

Daffycat said...

Ooooo, my stomach drops! Awesome photos, Becky!

Jessica @Blessings in the Country said...

I'm a chicken and wouldn't be able to walk out onto that glass floor! You are brave. :)

DebbieSFL said...

Becky, I cracked up when I read your post. I work for Willis in the Tallahassee, FL office, and cannot wait to tell my office buds that the locals call it Big Willy ROFL. And you would never be able to get me on that ledge for any amount of money!!!

Julianne said...


I am so glad you had a good time. You are one brave lady to stand on that ledge!

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