Friday, May 14, 2010

Seasonal Exchange from Marjorie

Stacy Nash Primitives design
Made my way to the Post Office this morning to mail my HoE exchange and get this beauty in return. Marjorie did a fantastic job on this piece. I really love it. Thank you Marjorie. She e-mailed me yesterday concerned since I had not received it because she popped in the mail on April 30th. I've had exchanges that go to California take a while. I'm just glad that it finally arrived so Marjorie can breath a sigh of relief.
It is storming here this morning. I woke up really early because of the thunder and lightening. No sleeping through this one. So, I've been busy packing, running errands, and taking my mom to and from the beauty shop. I'm ready for a morning nap. No can do though. I have to finish packing and then straighten up a bit. I have been really stressed trying to keep the house in a fairly neat state. My nature is extremely cluttered, as is my mind, so keeping my junk picked up is a chore in itself! Oh well, discipline is good for the soul.
Think I'll have a cup of coffee and relax a minute. Now, that I can do extremely well.


Beatrice said...

Have a very, very, good time on your bus trip.
Your season exchange that you received from Marjorie is wonderful.!

Kathy A. said...

Oh, what a wonderful exchange.
And you mean there was actually a storm you didn't sleep through LOL
Have a great time on your trip. Capture lots of new memories!

Daffycat said...

A sweet exchange to receive!

Have a great trip, Becky!

Brigitte said...

Oh, such a great exchnage piece. And so beautifully finished. The same for the Barnyard Cat that you received a while ago. And your own exchnage stitching and finishing is just great.
Congratulations on your recent decluttering efforts. I should get into it as well but somehow I never feel like it, lol.
Enjoy your bus trip!

Marjorie said...

Glad it finally arrived! Would it be O.K. if I borrowed your pic for my blog? I can never remember to take a picture before I send an exchange. Rest assured you are not the only one out there with a cluttered mind.

Berit said...

OMG I'm TOO in love with this. Stacy Nash is a genius--I really need to make up something of hers soon! What a treasure, I'm so glad it wasn't lost! :D

As for the Savannah Trip, have a great time. And, if its a messy nature (I know how that is!) Just keep reminding yourself, "Progress, Not Perfection!"

Hope you enjoyed that coffee; I think it might be time for me to kick back with a nice, hot tea for me!

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