Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It Started So Innocently

I have an exchange I must get in the mail this week before I leave on my bus trip. My stitching mojo is still missing, but I managed to get my piece stitched. Now for the finishing. Oh boy, talk about a snowball effect. The stash room was a total mess. I had to make a way for Lynn to get in there. She is taking care of my Tobiecat while I'm gone. My work table was stacked with fabric and thread that needed to be put away. I could not finish the stitched piece until I straightened up and then put away the fabric and the threads. Talk about multiplying! The more I straightened the more threads I found. Six, count them six, skeins of DMC 3371! What was I thinking? So now, the table is clear, the fabric and thread put up, and I am pooped! I'll have to work on that finishing tomorrow.

Before I tackled the stash room I went to Silver Sneakers. Then took my mother to get her groceries for the week and I picked up a few items to tide me over till Saturday. There went another hour. It always takes us an hour. Why is that?

Tomorrow is trash day. What started out as merely emptying my week's worth ended up major. How much trash can one person and cat produce? More snowballing, when I opened the fridge and decided it needed to be cleaned out. The trash is gone. Yea.

What's on my to do list after the stitching piece? The carpet has to be vacuumed. I have to pack for the trip. I'm gonna be tired before I even get on the bus.

Have a great Wednesday everyone.


Kathy A. said...

Oh hon, just too funny!
How did you survive yesterday's storms? Everything OK?

Berit said...

Isn't that the way of it!

As for the 3371, if it's the black-brown I'm thinking it is, then you might have bout it for a Prairie Schooler push! I call that "Prairie-Schooler Black" in my head 'cause I don't own a design by them that doesn't use it. :D

Berit said...

*you might have "bought" it for a PS push!

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