Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Been busy

Hello all. I am in the throes of cleaning. It is about five years too late, but hey, if I don't finish it will still be awaitin'. Actually, I am trying to get the place straightened up so my friend Pat won't trip over any USO (unidentified sitting object) when she comes to look in on Tobie cat. Next week I leave for a long bus tour with the "old folk" to Mt. Rushmore. So, what have I been up to lately? Here's a snap:

I have four exchanges to finish before I leave on the trip. Three are in the mail and I'm a still working on the fourth. The stitching is almost complete though. (in the photo)

Well, cleaning is calling. Hope everyone has a great day.


Karen said...

Hae you called the bulldoser to help clean. Mine is a mess & you can't hardly walk threw hear. I am crocheting on your afgan in the evening. Hope you have a great trip.- KM

CindyMae said...

Look forward to seeing all those exchange items after they receive their new homes!

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