Thursday, February 5, 2009

SBEBB Frosty Friends from Jean

The mailman was good to me yesterday. He delivered my SBEBB Frosty Friends exchange from Jean. The design is a French freebie stitched on 32ct Tundra by Lakeside Linens. She used DMC and overdyed threads to stitch the piece. Also included in the exchange were two beautiful skeins of overdyed thread. I'm going to use the darker one on my next reindeer ornament. Jean wrote that this was her first flanged pillow. It is so pretty. She used covered buttons to finish it off. Thank you so much Jean. I love it! This exchange is the last one from SBEBB as BeckySC decided to close it.
Edited: I just heard from Jean that the overdyed threads are some of Anzia's. This makes them all the more special.
A couple of posts back I mentioned that my stitching table had collapsed, sending the contents to the floor. Since I've been suffering from some insomnia lately, I decided to put my inability to sleep to good use last night. I started the task of re-arranging THE ROOM. I made a small dent and plan to work on it again today. I have two exchanges pieces I need to finish, hence the clean up effort. Hope every one has a great day.


Julianne said...


The pillow that Jean made for you is so cute. I just love the design.

Best wishes in your clean-up.

Kathy A. said...

Sweet sweet pillow! Jean has done a beautiful finishing job!
Good luck with your cleanup. Hope you find some treasures in the midst of your stuff lol

Daffycat said...

Darling pillow from Jean. Enjoy!

So sorry you're having trouble sleeping. Yuck!

I don't think it matters how well organized one is, sometimes the place just needs a through sorting!


Brigitte said...

A very cute design, and such a nice pillow finishing. I always wonder how these covered buttons are made ...

Michele said...

that is one cute snowman pillow :) great exchange!

can't wait to see the reorganized room :) maybe it will spur me one ot reorganize mine!

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