Friday, December 14, 2007

Humane Society Ornaments

It's not that I haven't been stitching, I just didn't have any photos to show. But today is a different story. I chose not to do any elaborate finishing on the Brittercup ornaments, just a piece of ribbon. Aren't they cute all lined up in a row. I may have a hard time taking them to the Humane Society Monday. Somehow I miscounted by one doggie ornie. I should have stitched two. It will be ok because one of the dog people likes cats also. I'd accept either if I had a choice, so hopefully she won't be too upset. If she really wants a doggie one, I'll glady keep one of the kitties and do another doggie.
Anxiously (not) waiting to see what the weather holds for this weekend. Our area of OK is supposed to get some snow, any where from one to six inches. Okmulgee was much luckier than Tulsa. Our ice melted over night. Not too much damage was done to our trees. Tulsa on the other hand, really lost alot of trees and power has not been restored to over 100,000 homes. Snow on top of this weather will really strain their resolve. This area of OK gets snow from time to time usually less than two to three inches. Any accumulation over that really throws us into a frenzy. Most cities do not have a fleet of snow removal equipment so it takes a while to get the heavy snow removed. It's just safer to stay at home, but many don't have that option. Enough of my soap boxing.
I've about finished the SB needleroll. Just one more area to stitch, and then pulling the threads and doing that stitching. I should be able to get it finished this weekend if I work really hard at it.

This week at the Humane Society was good. We adopted four dogs and two cats, one dog went to German Shepherd rescue and one went into foster care.
Have a great stitching weekend.


Dawn said...

Oh they are all so cute!!

All we got in Rogers was rain but it did turn to snowflakes today. The forecast said anywhere from 1-4 inches but all we got was a little dusting of snow. It was pretty while it

Kim said...

Your ornaments are so pretty!

Jen said...

Very cute ornaments.

Sharon said...

How wonderful that you stitched those for your friends! They are lovely and such a great idea too.

Beatrice said...

They are the cutest little ornaments.
That is such a cute chart!

Meari said...

I agree... They are VERY cute. I like what you've done with them. Hopefully, they went over well at the HS.

tkdchick said...

You did a great job, I think the simple finish is the best!

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