Thursday, April 18, 2013

HoE Spring Exchange Received

I received this beauty in the mail yesterday.  It is from Marie P., a very accomplished stitcher and finisher.  It is done in some of my favorite color combinations too!  Needless to say I absolutely love it.  Marie took pity on me and became my mercy stitcher as my partner has gone missing.  I can't wait to fill it with some needles and threads and scissors.  Oh my, now what project can I start that will use my new stitcher's pouch?  I bet I can think of something. Thank you so much Marie!

We had quite a bit of weather in OK last night.  Evidently I slept through it which is unusual because I don't sleep well.  It must have rained pretty hard.  The ditches beside my place are full of water, and I can see how high the water rose in the yard.  One plus, it is cool this morn.  I know lots of folks are ready for warm weather.  I am not one of them.  Cool weather is my preference. 

Guess I'll get my day started.  Marie, I'm sipping on a cup of Community Coffee!


Marie said...

And I want to come join you for a cup of that fabulous brew! :D

So glad that you liked your exchange and I am sorry that your stitcher obviously went MIA.

Have a great weekend.

Andrea said...

A lovely exchange.

Carol said...


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