Monday, September 10, 2012

HoE Home state/town Christmas ornament

It was bound to happen.  When two stitching buddies belong to the same Exchange group, one of would get the others name to stitch for.  I got the draw this time.  Lynn was my partner.  I knew the design I was going to stitch even before I had my partners name.  It is an old design I've had for years and with some time between projects I went ahead and started on the ornament.  I was almost finished when I received her name. Decided to change Oklahoma to Okmulgee.  It's a little hard to decifer Okmulgee in the photo but I think it's clear enough for Lynn to read. 
I used the called for DMC threads and stitched it on a 28ct opalescent fabric, one of my favorites, and Lynn's too, so I belive I "did good."  You can't see it real well, but I trimmed the bow in gold thread.  Then added some more gold by trimming the ornament with gold beads and used gold wire as the hanger.  I may have to stitch one for myself!
Have a great week.


Kathy A. said...

Love it, love it Becky. That is just too cute!

Cathy B said...

You did good Becky!

Ma Teakettle said...

I just love your ornament, Becky, and that you drew your buddy...that is so much fun!
Beautiful finish

Vicki said...

Great ornament!

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