Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hoe Prairie Schooler for Lily

I completely forgot to post the HoE Prairie Schooler ornament I made for Lily.  She received it and said she liked it.  I like this little design and have stitched it a couple of times. 

Well, I am in the process of my annual "before the big trip" clean fest.  Being a year older has it's disadvantages.  I poop out alot faster.  I am making some progress though.  My church is having a garage sale in June, so I am also donating alot of my treasures to the cause.  I'm tired of dusting around "things", so out they go. 

I've been awake since around 1:00 this morning.  Now I am getting sleepy at the time I need to be getting up!   Guess I had cleaning on my mind! Gotta get it done. Not really. 

We've been having really cool weather this week.  Maybe summer won't get here too fast.

Off for a small nap.  Enjoy your day.


BeckySC said...

So pretty, Becky :)

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

What a pretty finish!
Have a safe and wonderful trip!

Ranae said...

A pretty PS ornament for Lily
Enjoy your nap!

Daffycat said...

This is a sweet finish!

I hope you have a safe & happy trip!

Kathy A. said...

Lovely PS ornament Becky.
Where are you off to this time?
I should get rid of some of my knick knacks. Just can't seem too. Just add more lol.

Marie-P said...

Off for a NAP??? Just grab another cup of coffee and keep movin' LOL

Your ornament to Lily is wonderful, and such a great design selection.

Lillie said...

Thank you so much Becky for this adorable ornament, loved it! I will be posting this on my blog by this weekend :D

Sending you sunshines from a land full of it.


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