Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Exchange received by Julianne

I heard from Julianne that she received my exchange piece.  We have been exchange partners on quite a few exchanges.  I feel like I know her well even though we've never met.  Here's what I stitched for her:
The biscornu is her exchange piece.  I stitched the matching fob as a belated birthday gift.  There were other birthday goodies, but I forgot to take a photo of them. I used DMC 4130 and a design from Anita's Little Stitches.  I also stuffed the pieces with ground walnut shells.  The shells made the biscornu look so fantastic. My photo doesn't do them justice.  I know Julianne's photo will much better.
Here's my latest finish.  It's a BlackBird Designs and I used DMC 121 and some beads I bought at Michaels.  It is stuffed with ground walnut shells and lavender I bought on ETSY.  The background is the fabric I used to back it. The gift is for my Beta Sigma Phi secret sister.  I hope she likes it.  Our reveal is next Tuesday.

Thursday is the first bus trip in what seems like ages.  It is part of the Cherokee Tribe History tours and this one is The Outlaw Tour.  I'm looking forward to it.  We are supposed to see Pretty Boy Floyd and some other famous outlaws.  I hope it isn't raining too much, although we sure need the rain.

I'm still doing my Y classes and going to Weight Watchers.  This week has been a bad one for me though.  I've eaten everything in site.   My part-time job is still going well.  The only part that gives me grief is the financial side of it.  I am so math challenged!

Guess that's it for now.  Have a great evening.


Beatrice said...

I love the look of your blog....NICE!!!!
As usual you have such a pretty finish, Congrats!
And a lovely exchange too.
Enjoy the bus trip...wish I was going too,it sounds like fun!

Hazel said...

Lovely finishes! I love that BBD one! x

Lisa S said...

Beautiful finishes Becky!!
Have fun on your trip!

Berit said...

Great stuffs; I'm sure everyone will love it. :)

I've used walnut shells before, but not for a biscornu. Huh; now you've got me thinking.

Elaine said...

Your finishes are beautiful Becky. Love the BBD one, it's on my to-do list.
Enjoy your trip!

Daffycat said...

Wonderful finished Becky! I've never thought about stuffing a biscornu with walnut shells...I must try that!

Jason said...

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sheri said...

I've just discovered your blog and am enjoying catching up on your adventures....makes me want to go on a trip!

These are two really great finished. I love the blue DMC. Thanks for including the floss and designer info!!! And what a great idea to include lavender!

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