Sunday, February 7, 2010

Chance of Snow tomorrow

Sounds if my part of Oklahoma may have a chance of snow tomorrow. I hope it isn't a here we go again. I took my mom out to Wal-Mart after church to get her some staples just in case. It was wild. People around here panic at the thought of snow.

Saturday I and another Humane Society volunteer attended a meeting for animal rights advocates. It was interesting. Afterwards we went to Hobby Lobby and got her shelf for her bathroom wall, and I picked up two wall hangings cheap. They were 66% off. Soon as I get them hung, I'll post a photo with some of my needlework hanging from them. We also stopped by the Silver Needle for the Superbowl Sale. I'm afraid I didn't purchase very much. Two packages of beads and two bee buttons for my friend.

With all the talk of snow, I'll show you a photo of the bush outside my back door. You've seen the night one before. I thought I'd show the before and after. Hope all have a good week.


Berit said...

Whew! Walmart does get crazy in OK around storm time, if I recall! We still haven't gotten anything since almost a week ago, and it was gone like the morning dew. Stay safe and warm, there!

Daffycat said...

I am going to stop reading this blog if the author keeps using the dreaded "S" word. I really & truly don't like hearing such language anymore. ROFLOL

I've had enough snow to suit me for several winters. How about you?

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