Thursday, July 30, 2009

PIF from Mama Joan

I just took a photo of my Birthday Bloggers exchange package and sealed the envelope. I'll put it in the mail tomorrow. After taking that photo, I remembered I had not taken a photo of the PIF I received from Mama Joan. Isn't it gorgeous. It's from the BBD's book Sarah Tobias. I love this design. Matter of fact I stitched it for a BBD exchange last year. Thank you Joan.

There is still three openings for my PIF exchange. If you would like to receive a stitched item from me in the next year leave a comment on this post. You in turn would then offer a PIF on your blog. Hope someone joins in.

What am I stitching on right now? Well, it is the piece for the YLPS exchange group. It is almost finished. I'm loving what I'm stitching, but alas, I cannot show it to you.

As I live and breathe tomorrow is Saturday. I've had my days mixed up all week. It's a good thing I'm not in the workforce anymore. There would probably be days I didn't show up!

My stitching is calling. Have a great evening.


Cathy B said...

Hi Becky,

What a nice PIF from Joan. You know, I've had my days somewhat mixed up this week too. Too bad that tomorrow is Friday!

Natasha said...

beautiful PIF from Joan,I hope you get three takers for the PIF becasue it is a treasure to have something stitched from you.
Take Care

Vonna said...

A beautiful PIF from Joan :)

Daffycat said...

What a beautiful pillow! PIF's are fun.

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