Tuesday, October 14, 2008

SBEBB Autumn House Exchanges

While I was on vacation I read that Leena received my Autumn House Exchange. I tried a new pillow finish for me that I've noticed on other blogs, so thought I'd give it a try. Leena assures me she likes it. I know I enjoyed putting it together and will try this finish again.

The exchange piece is the top portion of LHN's Autumn Harvest. I also included some fibers, a chart from her wish list, fall ribbon and buttons, and a small button container.

I also received my Autumn exchange from Julianne. ( See her blog for great photos of the back. )When I saw the return address, I immediately thought she had sent the SEBB winter exchange and that I was behind! I never thought about the Autumn exchange. She really out did herself and I love the design and finish. She also included some opalescent fabric, finishing fabric, candy (long gone), and some fabulous tea that I love. Thank you so much Julianne.

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