Saturday, July 26, 2008

HoE Summer Quaker

I put my Summer Quaker Exchange in the mail today. I certainly hope it arrives safely. You know how it is, once you've had one lost you worry about all the others you send.

So, I have no stitching to show since most of mine is now exchange stitching. I have a couple of days before I start the next exchange, so I'm going to work on one of WIP's BBD's "Garden of Life". I'm not very far into it, but every little stitch counts!

Next week the trio, Diane, Lynn and I, are heading down south to visit our friend in Idabel. Idabel is almost to the Texas border so it takes us about 2.5 or more hours to drive there. We're all old folk, so we make frequent stops!

I'll take a progress photo of GoL and post it tomorrow if I have my computer back from the shop. I caught a virus my virus protection program missed. Bummer. So, I'm using my backup at my mom's house.

Have a cool weekend. We're supposed to see triple digits today or tomorrow. Keep on stitchin'.


Barbara said...

Stay cool, Becky!!

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Have a fun trip but stay cool it's going to be HOT. CJ(ok)

Julianne said...


Have a safe and fun trip.

stitcherw said...

Have a wonderful trip, and I'll look forward to seeing pictures of your progress on Garden of Life when you get back.

Beatrice said...

Have a good trip and stay cool. Yikes triple didgits thats tooooo hot!

Hazel said...

Have a fab trip. Can't wait to see your quaker! You've been stitching some gorgeous stuff lately. xx

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